The Katzenjammered eBook Launch Date and Publishing Timeline

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Striking a Balance between Art & Commerce

Saner thoughts have prevailed and we’re pleased that our client, author Michael Crame, has chosen a 6-month timeline for the release of his first e-novel, Katzenjammered! This alleviates many potential issues with trying to launch an eBook in 2- or 4-months, namely, the level of marketing effort involved, the time commitment from Michael and the perceived sincerity around all of his social media efforts. Actually publishing an eBook to Kindle or iTunes takes relatively no time, but the efforts to successfully launch an eBook take a great deal of time.

The one thing we’re very conscious of during Michael’s “Author Awareness” campaign, and it’s something anyone developing a social content strategy should be conscious of, is the perception your audience has of your sincerity - sincerity in building a community, sustaining a community and participating in a community. Obviously Michael wants to engage and build a community so that he can find potential readers of his opus; like-minded individuals who share his passions, his fears and can appreciate his wry humor and writing style. At the same time, Michael truly enjoys connecting with literate individuals and discussing topics such as literature, music, photography, art and cinema. He’s not a one-dimensional person, and neither is this campaign.

As Michael gets further involved in this process, we’ve seen him become more excited about the potential to connect with a large group of people who can stimulate his thinking and introduce him to new experiences, even if vicariously. We think Michael has the right attitude to create and lead a sustainable community around his passions, a community that won’t be viewed as a means to an end, but instead, will be seen as the end unto themselves - unique individuals coming together to share their experiences with an appreciative audience.

We will strike the right balance between the art and the commerce.

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