Research Is Important When Planning An Author Awareness Campaign

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Developing a Social Content Strategy for Social Media

One of the first steps to developing a social content strategy for a specific industry like book publishing is research, both on our part and that of our client, author Michael Crame. Fortunately we’re not new to this space, having worked with a New York City publisher over the past year-and-a-half creating social content for two of their authors and their book release campaigns. We’ve been able to adapt many of the lessons learned from those previous campaigns, but there are some major differences.

Michael’s campaign differs as we’re looking at the entire start-to-finish eBook launch strategy, and not just disparate social content elements that fit into an existing, traditional, publishing house strategy. What Michael has had to research is other authors with styles or subject matter similar to his own and how they interact with their audience. How often do they blog, tweet, share content or publish links? How active are they at literary events, what venues host their book signing events and how often do they perform readings?

We’re labeling Michael’s strategy an “Author Awareness” campaign, but it could also be called an audience building campaign. Michael’s name recognition outside his peer group is low. He has written several novels, but this is his first attempt at publication. His unique style and voice fit the provocative subject matter of his novel, which takes place during the first Mardi Gras following 9/11, and is based on some of his experiences in New Orleans during that time.

We’ve set up an escalating chain of events to establish Michael’s social credibility and build critical mass around his eBook launch. The first is establishing his online presence, reputation and social credibility. You can see our initial high level path for Michael on the whiteboard picture.

We’ll start this process by taking a standard profile picture and creating a unified professional biography and username that will be shared across the social networking platforms where Michael will be active. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Quora and YouTube, the various blogging platforms where he will be interacting with publishing industry bloggers and leaving comments for authors and online booksellers like Amazon and B&N, where Michael is writing high-quality book reviews that showcase his knowledge, wit and writing style.

Next week, Michael has to make a critical choice concerning the launch date of his novel. Once he chooses, we’ll know if we’re delivering this social content strategy into a 2-month, 4-month or 6-month timeframe!

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